5 Steps to Building Wealth and Growing Over Time

There is a big difference between making money and being rich. Wealth is the accumulation of appreciable assets, such as property, investment accounts, and retirement accounts. Creating wealth requires a strategic plan to save, invest, and increase your assets over time.

Here are some ideas to get you on the right track to increase your wealth.

1. Pay first

1. Pay first

You are your most important asset. You are the person who makes your money. And you are responsible for taking care of yourself first. Facilitate the money deducted from your earnings and put the savings in automatic debit.

Your investment accounts are different from your savings accounts. Their savings are in cash or money market accounts and can be easily accessed in case of emergencies or large purchases. In addition, savings accounts should represent what you will need to live for six to nine months in case your source of income disappears because you have lost your job, become disabled or perhaps have to take care of a loved one. Your investment accounts – your retirement or brokerage accounts – are for the longer term.

2. Live Beneath Your Earnings

2. Live Beneath Your Earnings

You should not spend all your income. Just because you have money in your checking account after paying your bills, you should not spend it all. These funds should be properly allocated to your savings and investment accounts.

This does not mean that you can not celebrate or share wonderful experiences with family and friends. What this means is that you take the time to think about what is special to you and plan it. For example, if it is a trip to Disney World, be smart, save money and look for discounts.

3. Think long term

3. Think long term

Wealth, though sometimes obtained through unexpected greed, is more often associated with consistent investments over time. These investments often include savings, retirement accounts, a home and perhaps an investment property.

4. Make consistent investments

Similar to contributions to the pension plan, consistent investment in addition to a savings account allows your funds to grow in the stock market. Consistent investments also allow you to buy securities when they cost less – when the market is down.

5. Ask for help

Establish a relationship with a financial advisor. A financial advisor will work with you to create a strategy that supports you and your life goals. This person can help you turn your income into wealth by helping you identify goals that support what’s important to you. Just think: your advisor may have ideas you never thought or help guide you in a difficult time. There is no reason to do it alone.

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